Praise for Bruce Wayne McLellan

What people are saying about Bruce…

As an executive business coach, Bruce has a unique ability to take many disparate parts of a puzzle and find a clear path to creating a complete structure. He is incredibly astute at rapidly and accurately identifying core problem areas and works fastidiously together with the business owner to develop solutions that drive not just at healing the wound, but at resolving or eliminating the root cause of the wound. I would highly recommend Bruce as an integral part of a business owners overall strategic plan for growth. Kelly Saucke, Intrapreneur and Client Relationship Expert

Earlier this year, I was feeling somewhat “directionless”. I have a wife, two kids in their late teens, all of us in good health, and a successful business. I had everything, but yet somehow, something was missing.  With the help of Bruce, and the tools and processes he presented to me, I was able to reestablish a path for the future and rekindle a passion for life. I’m very thankful for my time with Bruce this year. He’s a great trail guide if you’ve lost your way and  are open to self-exploration. Michael Joseph, Owner Mitchell-Joseph Insurance

Bruce is an effective Executive Coach as he leads me to see myself in uncommon ways and challenges my perception of myself as well as my approaches to life, business, and coaching. He has the capacity to be rigorous and penetrating when appropriate and inspires me to reach for my higher self. He demonstrates the use of reflection and contemplation as valuable tools for perceiving myself and others. Robert Lewis, Business Coach, President and Founder Enterprise Performance Matters 

Bruce is an amazing coach filled with love, understanding, support and knowledge to take you to the next level in your business. He coaches you to really knowing yourself, be authentic, and all aspects of running a coaching business. Kim Quick, Love & Relationship Coach

I spent almost two years working with Bruce and know that he brings a great deal of passion, energy and ideas to projects and businesses. He committed to getting great results for his clients and it happened again and again. I recommend Bruce as a business coach and strategic contractor. Marty Parks, Entrepreneur and Coach

Bruce knows how to get you to the top the smartest, safest and best way possible. Dr Richard Norris, Founder at Leading Men Only

I have been in business going into my tenth year since taking early retirement as a Senior Faculty member from RIT.  Bruce and I have been working together for less than two months. In this short-time I believe the single most influential and useful person in my entire business career is Bruce, my new coach.  Bruce had been watching me work as an entrepreneur and had approached me about offering his coaching expertise. Initially, I could not imagine working with a coach; I was too busy.  I have become so energized working more on my business and less in it.  With my coach I have been acquiring new skills and information I believe will help me become more successful professionally and personally.  I can visualize and realize having the time and independence to grow other interests.  With Bruce’s abilities, the coaching process and related training materials …. I can just say, “Wow!”  I am lucky and sincerely grateful for connecting with Bruce McLellan and look forward to many more adventures together. Kent Winchester, Rock Ventures LLC

Working with Bruce McLellan over the past year has been the single best blessing to my personal and business development. Bruce's open approach which centers around meditation and skillful incorporation of the DISC inventory assessment, provided me access to my authentic self. Since working with Bruce I have a deeper sense of peace which has tangibly translated into improved health, better relationships, goal completion, and increased profitability. Banke Awopetu McCullough, author and inspirational speaker

I worked with Bruce for 15 months. My company experience 20% growth in sales while working with him. Not only did he assist me and challenge me professionally but as well personally. I would recommend Bruce to be your Coach! Jeff Gensiejewski, Owner at The UPS Stores

Bruce is an energetic & creative business coach who works with you on an individual level using a consultative approach to coaching. Focusing on what are the most important needs & opportunity areas for your business is his strength, and his energy levels hold you to a higher standard in your day to day operation. Anthony Ricci, Vice President, Commercial Credit Underwriter at M&T Bank

Bruce is a very detailed person that knows how to get great results. Bruce took the time to get to know the whole me before offering any career plans; in order to reach the goals that we collectively agreed would offer the best results for myself. He is very genuine which is a great trait. Joel Craddock, President, Doc's Facilities Solutions, Inc.

Bruce is an extremely sincere, caring man who is truly able to find ways to connect with many different types of individuals in order to achieve their desired business (& personal) goals. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is wanting to work with someone that can make an impact on their business (& personal) career. Craig Singer, Owner at Singer Appraisals 

I’ve known Bruce McLellan for more than 30 years. He is dedicated to his own health and wellbeing –the hallmark who knows the value of many health promoting practices, from personal experience. He can help you shape your practice from a deep insider’s perspective.  Since he has been my coach my I have grown and I have been able to make some very wise decisions. I feel VERY supported by his guidance. I recommend his coaching to anyone who needs to maximize the use of their time or someone who simply wants to grow. Bruce is a pleasure to work with. Bruce is careful and meticulous yet warm and personable. He makes you feel at ease, yet on an adventure. Bruce can help you achieve your personal goals, in ways you never dreamed imaginable! I heartily recommend his work. Sonam Targee Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner

Bruce is very passionate about his work. He can take a situation and helps you dig down deep to find a solution to the problem. He brings to the table many "ah ha" moments. He works very hard to make sure you are very satisfied with the results. Bruce has taught me many things that I continue to use in work and life situations. He has a lot of knowledge that would be a great asset to any company. I was very fortunate to have Bruce help me in my business. He helped in restructuring, hiring of staff, finances, and my personal goals. I highly recommend Bruce. His hard work ethics, strong passion for success, and his innovative ways of thinking will make all who work with him happy to have Bruce on their team. Elena Fedele, Health Information Tech at Monroe Community Hospital

I've worked with Bruce McLellan for years (at different jobs in different organizations) and I would give Bruce my highest endorsement. He's extremely bright, hardworking and sensible. In short, Bruce has all the right skills to be successful anywhere he chooses. I’d be thrilled to have Bruce be a member of any organization I was working with … and I'd know at once we’d get things done.  David Woodruff, Senior IT Service Delivery Manager at Xerox